LDARtools Employee Spotlight: Luis Marquina

Luis Spotlight

LDARtools welcomes our new Superintendent, Luis Marquina!

Before joining the LDAR Think Tank, Luis was a locomotive technician, troubleshooting engines and generators. Now, he’s making sure the LDARtools office is in tip-top shape and everything is working at an optimal level. “So far, I enjoy the people I work with,” says Luis. “It’s a really good place to work.”

His goal right now is to move up and eventually work on making the LDAR industry better. While he’s doing that, he’ll be taking classes in the Fall to open options in the future.

When asked what he’s doing outside work, he says “I usually come and spend time with Trixie and ride in the pasture. I also enjoy riding 4-wheelers with friends.” His current project is setting up a model train set at home.

When to Report an Issue

There has been some confusion on when it is appropriate to order extra parts and when to report issues to the LDARtools Support Team.

Per the Level 1 Tech Pledge that we review in our training each quarter it says, “I will report an issue before doing any repair or replacement inside a phx21 case except when I adjust the LPH2 less than 2 times per week.”

We also encourage each site to maintain a minimum “Keep On Site Kit” to reduce unnecessary downtime due to equipment maintenance.

The image below will help provide clarity.

Venn Continue reading “When to Report an Issue”

The 5th LDARtools phx21 Brownie Celebration RSVP!

Even as we finalize the development and certification of our new (and much improved!)  phx42, we continue to focus on the world-class performance and success of our fleet of 1,000 phx21s.

The best measure of that is demonstrated when there are NO phx21s in our Maintenance Center. THOSE are RED LETTER days. Actually, they are phx21 Brownie Days!

It happened for the fifth time on Friday, August 4. As the number of phx21’s increases, you would think that it would get harder and harder to accomplish this remarkable feat. But the truth is that our Level 1 Certified Repair Techs get more experienced, our automated support system is enhanced and our troubleshooting and technician training methods have improved.

Here’s our phx21 Team and the EMPTY Maintenance Board.


As good as we are, it is still a remarkable achievement – one that we want to celebrate with everyone who helped to make it happen.

The others phx21 Brownie Celebrations were:

  • May 20, 2015
  • February 19, 2016
  • August 30, 2016
  • January 20, 2017

We hope you’ll be a part of this one. All you have to do is send an RSVP email like this by Monday, August 28, 2017:

Send to brownie@ldartools.com
Subject Line 100% phx21 Celebration RSVP
In the body of the email provide
  • Your Name
  • Physical Address where you want the Brownies delivered
  • Your Company Name or Site ID
  • How many phx21 friends will be at your celebration

We will do the rest and your Brownies will be ON THE WAY!

Let the Celebration continue!

LDARtools Employee Spotlight: Jordan Birmingham

Jordan B Spotlight

Jordan Birmingham is an artist working on state-of-the-art equipment.

He is a paratrooper vet who went on to graduate from San Jacinto College with an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts and Applied Art Design. Afterwards, Jordan got a scholarship and studied Art at the University of West Bohemia at the Czech Republic. “I stayed there for a semester and received a certificate in Printmaking,” he says. “I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.”

As far as mechanical chops go, Jordan worked at bicycle shops for 7 years until he found a job at Laser Key Products. “There I worked as a software tester, calibrator, and quality control technician,” says Jordan. His experiences allow him to work on both our hardware and software products as necessary. “I hope my background in knowing both mechanical processes and software will lead me to help LDARtools integrate and streamline our products” he says.

On the weekends, Jordan enjoys making unique art projects, specifically Lichtenberg fractals, turning wood into one of a kind pieces of art. He also loves cooking for his lovely wife Terra (who he has been married to for 5 years), hunting, camping and going to the river to relax.

LDARtools Technical Updates: LDARtools Support System – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a multi part tour of the Customer Portal. We will cover how to:

  • Get a login
  • List/Export assets purchased from LDARtools
  • Track assets
  • Check Activated Warranties
  • Check outstanding Orders that need action
  • See what Cores are Due
  • Check what pump warranties have not been activated
  • View Support Case Status
  • Track phx repairs in process
  • Edit User information
  • …and more!

Track Assets by Product Name

Head to LDARtools.com, Login, then click Assets. The search screen will appear. Click the dropdown arrow to choose a Product Name. In the third dropdown, choose a product to search for, then click Go. A grid will populate.


Track Assets by Site ID

Once you are on the Assets tab, click the dropdown arrow, then choose Site ID. In the third search bar, enter the Site ID Name/City/State, then click Go. A grid will populate.  TUPart2.2

Steps to Check Activated Warranties

Click the Warranty tab on the main screen, then click the Warranty Activations link of your current login. A grid will populate with your current warranties.



LDARtools Employee Spotlight: Aaron Keele


Aaron Keele is the newest member of the amazing Software Development Team here at LDARtools. A graduate of the University of Houston in Applied Mathematics, he has worked at large oil and gas companies like Shell, Marathon, and Puget Sound Energy. As far as Aaron’s programming chops go: “My background is in Java and .NET software design and development in ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management),” he says.

Right now, he’s using his impressive development skills and infrastructure knowledge to help develop our software products and streamlining our processes.

When asked how he likes working for LDARtools so far, he says that “it’s been a refreshing change of pace from working in downtown Houston and/or traveling for most of my career. The office is 10 minutes from my house!” Aaron also explains that working with the LDAR Think Tank is markedly different from his time with large multinational corporations. “[At bigger companies] there is a large bureaucracy and things move slowly. I enjoy working with a small team of talented people in an environment where we can work in a truly agile fashion,” he says.

We’re happy to have you here too, Aaron. Welcome to the family!

LDARtools Technical Updates: LDARtools Support System – Part 1


This is Part 1 of a multi part tour of the Customer Portal. We will cover how to: Get a login, List/Export assets purchased from LDARtools, Track assets, Check Activated Warranties, Check outstanding Orders that need action, See what Cores are Due, Check what pump warranties have not been activated, View Support Case Status, Track phx repairs in progress, Edit User information, and more!

Step 1 – Creating a Login

Head to LDARtools.com, then click Support. Click the link to create a login.

image 1.png

Step 2 – Login

After your login is created, go to the same page and login using your email address and password.

Step 3 – List Assets

Once you have logged in to your account, click Assets.

image 2

Then click Show All.

image 3.png

Optional Search is also available.

image 4.png

To export selected desired records: click Actions, then click Export. A self-explanatory wizard will help you download your selected records in many different formats.


LDARtools at ISA 2017

Save the date!

The ISA Leak Detection and Repair – Fugitive Emissions Symposium is coming to Galveston, TX. This 2-day event is solely for all air compliance industries.

When: June 20-21

Where: The Tremont House/Wyndham Grand Hotel, 2800 Ships Mechanics Row, Galveston, TX 77550

LDARtools’ very own, Rex Moses will be presenting Tuesday, June 20. His interactive audience-based presentation will explore the many “Shades of Gray” that all “inquiring LDAR program minds want to know” and seek clarity. Come visit the vendors, converse with your colleagues, and listen to the industry experts in air emission reduction and LDAR program solutions.