LDARtools Employee Spotlight: Christian Perdomo

Chris P SpotlightChristian Perdomo, our Business Development Manager, has an affinity to help people and listen to their stories. After 9/11 Christian joined the US Navy and became the first enlisted member in his family, today his two nephews are enlisted in the Army and the Marines. With a longing for camaraderie, Christian felt drawn to the family atmosphere at LDARtools. Acquiring his Master’s degree in Finance from the University of St. Thomas, Christian is ready to make a positive impact to our LDARtools family, friends, and clients.

As a husband and father of two, Christian enjoys spending his time with his family crafting, traveling, and working on his 1972 VW Camper Bus.

LDARtools Employee Spotlight: Mary Kindle

Mary Spotlight
Mary Kindle’s our newest Inventory Specialist, and she’s the best person for the job. Before coming to LDAR Mary spent the past nine years teaching kids (Pre-K to 8th grade).  If there’s anything you learn when dealing with kids, it’s that you need to be organized. Past work experience also includes work in the tanker ship industry.  Mary received her Business Management degree from Simmons College in Boston.
Her greatest accomplishment is being “a mom to 4 children and a proud wife to Jeff (husband for 25 years).” She loves spending her free time with family and friends when they’re home and working on various creative projects.

LDARtools Celebrates 6th Brownie Celebration

LDARtools is starting 2018 with a Brownie Celebration!

Come celebrate with us!

On February 5 & 6, 2018, our skilled Repair Technicians did it again! Clearing the phx21 repair board is a grand achievement, considering we have over a 1000 phx21s in the field.

Below is our remarkable phx21 Team and the EMPTY Maintenance Board:

Jan 5&6 Maintence Board

As good as we are, it is still an amazing milestone – one that we want to celebrate with everyone who helped to make it happen.

The others phx21 Brownie Celebrations were:

  • May 20, 2015
  • February 19, 2016
  • August 30, 2016
  • January 20, 2017
  • August 7 & 8, 2017

We hope you’ll be a part of this one. Just send us an RSVP email like the one below by Monday, March 5, 2018:


Brownie Instructions

We will do the rest and your Brownies will be ON THE WAY!

LDARtools Technical Updates: LDARtools Support System – Part 3


This is Part 3 of a multi part tour of the Customer Portal. We will cover how to:

  • Get a login
  • List/Export assets purchased from LDARtools
  • Track assets
  • Check Activated Warranties
  • Check outstanding Orders that need action
  • See what Cores are Due
  • Check what pump warranties have not been activated
  • View Support Case Status
  • Track phx repairs in process
  • Edit User information
  • …and more!

Check Work Orders

  1. Head to LDARtools.com then click Support
  2. Login, then click the Work Orders
  3. In the Search dropdown menu, select Show all records.
  4. In the second Search dropdown section, select Product Name, Equals, and SpanBox3 (for example).
  5. Click Go.
  6. A grid will populate with SpanBox3 repair records.

TTP#3 pic1

Additional Filtered Views

There are many different options to view the information in the grid. A list can be found in the Views dropdown menu. Explore around! If you need more guidance, see the Help menu item.

TTP#3 pic2download-technical-tips

LDARtools Reunited with phx21 and It Feels So Good

We celebrated an exciting reunion this week. phx21-1409 has returned to the original hands that assembled it back in June of 2014.  After 3 ½ years in the field, Tim Reynolds, a phx21 Super Star, couldn’t believe his eyes when the unit hit his tool bench. “This is the unit’s first repair. It still has its original pump.” Tim exclaimed while reviewing the analyzer. Tim & 1409

The phx21-1409 analyzer has monitored 100,759 components since it joined the ISS fleet on July 1, 2014. For a phx21 to last this long, and be passed around many field technicians, shows consistent training and organized supervision has paid off. With proper handling, frequent filter management, and routine maintenance your phx21 could be the next phx21 we spotlight.

If you have a similar phx21 story or any tips-n-tricks on how you properly manage your LDAR fleet, we’d love to hear it. Please send all stories and/or tips-n-tricks to sales@ldartools.com.


Help Us Find The Next LDAR Employee

Help us find a North American Business Development Manager for phx42 and Software Sales.

We know that we have already sold out the first two month’s production of phx42, but we are looking for a world-class professional salesman to be our North American Business Development Manager.

If you know anyone who might fit the bill, we want to say “Thank You” by paying you a Thank You! Fee of up to $3,000.

LDARtools will pay a $1,000 Thank You! Fee to you if:

  1.     You recommend someone with whom we have not already spoken.
  2.     You arrange for that person to submit a resume to us.
  3.     That person is hired, for this position, and remains employed for 30 days.

 LDARtools will pay an additional $2,000 to you on the 90th day of this person’s employment in this position.

For more information, questions, suggestions, candidates, job description or compensation potential email jobs@ldartools.com.

Thank you!

LDARtools phx42 vs TVA2020 Comparision


With our new phx42 coming out we would like to share with you how it compares with the TVA2020. We have created a document that places the characteristics of the analyzers side by side so you can see the difference for yourself.
For those familiar with the phx21, you will find this document interesting as well. We have placed a “+” next to the phx42 feature to indicate an enhancement of the phx21 design. Take a look and tell us what you think of the new phx42.  phx42 vs TVA2020 pic